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Microsoft PowerPoint and Skype getting live captions and subtitles by January of 2019

In commemoration of the United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Microsoft has announced that two of its most popular software products, PowerPoint and Skype, will be getting support for live captions and subtitles by January of 2019.

As detailed on the Skype blog, live captions can be enabled for a single call or for all calls, and are set to automatically scroll contextually with the flow of conversation. Support for scrolling through captions at a custom pace will also come later. Further details on how live captions and subtitles operate were published as a Skype Support article.

On the Microsoft 365 Blog, the PowerPoint development team detailed that real-time captioning and subtitling of PowerPoint presentations will be generated by artificial intelligence. When it launches, it will support 12 spoken languages while displaying captions of a single language out of the over 60 that the feature supports.

Live captioning and subtitles will be supported on Small Skype iconSkype for Android, iOS, Linux operating systems, macOS, and Windows. For Small Microsoft Office Powerpoint iconMicrosoft Office Powerpoint, live captioning and subtitles will be supported on macOS, Windows, and the web.

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