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How to Convert EXE to Apk File with Converter

In this tutorial post, we will be showing you guys method on how to convert EXE to Apk. As we all know, Apk is the file format for applications on Android devices while EXE is the file format for applications on your personal computer. In summary, EXE is to Windows PC while Apk is to Android Smartphone. Normally you can’t run android apps on Windows PC unless you get to make use of an emulator likewise the same for having to run Windows PC apps on Android devices. Normally you can send EXE files from one PC to another and they’d work perfectly well the same thing for sending Apk files from one Android device to another.

If you are actually trying to send an Apk file from an Android device to a Windows PC hoping that it will work without the use of an emulator, then you are totally wasting your precious time doing that. But with the help of emulators, you can run EXE files on Android devices and also run Apk files on your Windows PC. The major reason for writing this post is to show how to run EXE files on Android and also convert the EXE files to Apk files making it very easy for you to install and run on your Android device.


Requirements to Convert EXE to Apk

  • A Windows PC
  • The EXE file you want to convert to Apk
  • ApkConverter

Once you have all the necessary requested above, then we can proceed to the next step

How to Convert EXE to Apk File on Android

  • After downloading the ApkConverter, double-click on it to open the app
  • You’ll see two different options: “I have the Setup Files and I have a portable application”. Choose I have a portable Application and Click Next
  • Move to the EXE file that you want to convert to Apk and Select it.
  • Click on the Convert Button to begin the process
  • It will take some few seconds to complete depending on the size of the file
  • You will get a success message once the process is completed
  • Finally, send the converted EXE file from your computer to your Android device and then install


This is how you can run any software on your Android device with ease all by just simply converting the EXE file to Apk and then installing it on your Android device.


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