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Easy To-Go Portable Dog Crates

Portable Dog Crates

Do you have a dog? And wish to have something that can help you carry them from place to place?
best portable dog crate
If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, then look no further, because here is a guide that will help you choose the best portable dog crate for your pet.

........The types of Crates to choose from.......

There are different types of crates available for purchase. There are wire, plastic, and soft-sided crates to choose from. 

They are each best at something. Some might fit your dog better than others. Others may not fit your dog at all.

........Advantages/Disadvantages of Each Type of Crate..........

Wire Dog Crate:

They come in a variety of sizes. The wire dog crates are well ventilated ( meaning that it's especially provided with a plentiful supply of fresh air). It allows the dog to see what's around him/her. They are often portable, but sometimes a little bit heavy. It also isn't airline approved so if you plan on using it for traveling it's best to get a separate crate for that.

Plastic Dog Crate:

They are not the most attractive option for a kennel, but they are awesome for dogs that want a little more privacy especially when they sleep. They are not as well ventilated and as easy-to-clean like the wire dog crate. Most are airline approved.

Soft-Sided Dog Crate:

There are quite a few advantages for soft-side crates. For example, they are great for travel, lightweight, and are easy to store. It is a better option for smaller dogs. Still, they are harder to clean, and it is easy for curious pups to escape the crate.

........Have you Chosen One yet?...........

Those were some of the many options for dog crates. These crates are the most portable ones. Even if you haven't chosen one don't let that stop you from getting one, because remember a crate is better than no crate at all!!!