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About Bruno Picinini - The Digital Entrepreneur

Bruno Picinini - The Digital Entrepreneur

1 minute 15 seconds ...
Or at least that's what it seemed to me at the time.
Honestly, I have no way of knowing exactly how long it was. But one thing is certain:
It was scary!
Bruno Picinini
This was the time I was underwater while learning to surf in Bali.
I had never surfed. Then, traveling to Bali, I decided it was time to learn. After all, there is one of the best and most famous places in the world for this not !?
I started with easy classes. Tranquil sea, calm surf. Little by little I went up the level. I wanted to get better clarity. Who does not want to?
But to do that, we end up having to take a little more risk. Go on seas a little more ... riot, so to speak. For you to imagine and feel in the same position:
Imagine yourself on your board, entering the sea. Everything goes smoothly. Passes currents, waves and so on. Until you get close to the line to get past the surf.
Now here the story is different. There are more ripples and creeps. No. Think MONSTERS at least 5 feet tall. That counted from the surface where I was until the peak of the wave.
Did you?
It's really scary. One of the 7 new natural wonders of the world: Ha Long Bay in the Wind
Now, why am I telling you this? Was not that supposed to be a page talking more about me?
The answer is simple:
Because it's that kind of experience and adventures that taught me that we can all have our 100% online business working from wherever and whenever we want!
Is not that ... simply ... amazing !?
That's exactly what I'm saying in my new project, the Holiday Without End Program.
Do not we have to limit ourselves to the place or time to work?
Being able to travel the world, taking the office in the back, and simply having more time to do what we like? Because a long time ago I learned a truth and I always remember it when it comes to making decisions:
"No one, before dying, wishes he had spent more time in the office."
- Dan Kennedy
Quite the contrary, right?
I personally like sports. Surfing, kitesurfing, soccer, snowboarding, free diving, parachuting, wind tunnel, rock climbing, diving etc.
(Yes, I've done all of these.)
This is what I chose to do with the freedom I created myself. Freedom that I now want to help you conquer. Think and answer me:
Would you like to be able to work from wherever and whenever you want?
Would you like to be able to travel the world without worrying about limited vacation time, boss suitcase or that hell transit every day?
Would you like to work with what you really like, have fun with it and still have the chance to make a real fortune with your business?
So this may be the most important message you have ever read in your life.
This is because here is where you will take the first steps to conquer what I call
Digital Freedom
This is what will allow you to have all that I just mentioned above.
And I know , without a shadow of a doubt, that you can too. Because? Because I and many others have already gone through this. I have helped thousands of people achieve this goal and do not have it because you can not achieve it either.
Now, this may seem all very cool and cool. But the truth was not always like this ...
It was agonizing months hiding the truth from people because I was afraid of what they were going to say and put me down!

I, by training, am an architect.
Yes, you read that right. Architect. No, it has NOTHING to do with what I do today. It has nothing to do with digital entrepreneurship. But it was this way that I did.
As? Are you asking if I still work as an architect?
Good ... My diploma is being used very well today, yes. There was a table in the house that was kind of tight that needed help. And the role of these degrees is a bit thicker. That is, perfect to serve as support of the foot of the table and stop me from bothering.
I think it was worth the 5 years of study at the College, no !?(I.e.
I do not know exactly where you are. Or how much you make. Or what your dreams and fears. But I can say one thing:
If you have even a little desire to work on your own, and especially with a 100% online business that allows you to work wherever and whenever you want , then you are in the right place!
I know that, at first, this may seem difficult. Until impossible sometimes. But rest assured I'm here to help you. Because ... Do you know what I believe?
I believe that an online business today is the easiest, quickest and safest way to conquer your financial freedom, time and place!
There, i said it!
But seriously ... It tells me another alternative that can so quickly and with such low costs:
Allow you to live and work wherever you want;
Owning your own nose, with your own business;
Say goodbye to your boss (and even one day you can tell him that now you earn more than him! How about that?);
Bruno Picinini The Guy Who Earned The most While on Vacations.
Work at the times that YOU work best (Heyy, everyone is different.) Some like to work at night, others in the morning ... others NEVER! Each one each!);
With a ridiculously low and cheap structure , have the potential to earn millions and millions of dollars (and I'm not exaggerating!) If you're starting now, this may seem to be ... surreal ... impossible ... but look: I understand exactly what you mean. Why Why? I also thought it could not;. until I reach a billing level of annual 7 digits with my own business seven digits are at least R $ 1 million per year if you do not know the words then. Okay, well, you do not have to believe now, I just ask you not to discredit it and think it's impossible before you know more, okay?
Work with what you like: your hobbies, passions, experiences, etc. And not something someone tells you to do.
In short, there are numerous advantages that an online business can provide. It's something really incredible. It is a new reality.The arrival here was VERY tense ... but the view made it worth it! (Click for larger version)
And even, I say more:
There is absolutely no reason today for you to work on something you do not like! And still earn little to do that! And still have to face traffic! And that alarm clock that always wakes you before the time! And the boss then no one can handle !?
There is not. Because.
Today we already have many and many tools that help in this journey. Not that it will be a sea of roses and everything will happen beautiful and perfectly. But at least you're fighting for something that you believe. For something that is YOURS . To build your name. Your brand. Leave your name in the story.
And that's amazing.
Why do you even know what hurts me? Really?
The amount of people with absurd potential wasting their lives on a public job!
This yes! That hurts me!
So much but so many people with simply ... incredible potential ... and killing themselves from studying to have "security" ... the "guarantee" of a public job. A guaranteed little money every end of the month.
And since when what is safe is legal !?
It's worse:
This is false security!
Because you are assuming that you will be able to work for the rest of your life.
Because you are assuming that you will not mind swapping you to be stuck in a place in exchange for a check. In exchange for a few exchanges.
Yes, I know depending on the public job that check may be good. But seriously: your potential with your online business is infinitely greater! Even because…
You are not limiting how much you can earn by determining someone or something!
If you figure out a way to sell more of your product ... great! Profit for you!
You are not limited. You are totally free. In every way. Finance. Time. Local. You do whatever you want any time you want. That's what I call the True Rich.
People who have the ability to enjoy time and mobility today , not tomorrow.
And I remember very well when I started reading this book. Where everything seemed like a dream. Of course it seemed possible to other people. But not for me. Because I had this or another problem.
Have you felt like this? This is the little thing between our ears called the brain that most people have. It works very well in most of the time. But sometimes you'll tell me what I'm going to tell you ...
And maybe just like you, I also did not think I could do that. Being able to work from wherever and whenever I wanted to. Earn more than my parents ... together. (Depending on your age this is something unimaginable up to a certain age!)
Yeah ... Until ...
I earned almost R $ 40,000 per month in 2013 while traveling and did not work 25 hours per week
$ 39,257.73 per month to be exact. Not to say I'm lying. And in fact I think it was less. 20 hours or so.
That's because I was traveling the whole time or taking flights (there were more than 60 flights in 2013 only), visiting some country (there were 10 that year), knowing a new city (there were some 70 different cities I met), or just enjoying life . Here are some of the activities I did during 2013.
Ahh, before they speak, remember:
I do not put here what I did or I stopped to boast ... to show what I got.
I just and I show it because I know I can help you achieve the same!
And if you're the least bit like me, this can be an inspiration to you! Well, at least for me it was! I spent days and nights dreaming when "it was my turn"! It's my turn to enjoy it all. It's my turn to have all those promises that only an internet business can provide.
But then let's list:
I did my advanced diving course at Koh Pagnan, Thailand;
I took a free dive course in Koh Tao, Thailand;
I did a 3 day rock climbing course in Railay Beach, Thailand;
I participated in a wind tunnel training in Singapore;
I participated 4x Full Moon Party - one of the largest and most famous outdoor parties in the world. Over 50,000 people come to this party every month for an idea;
I learned to surf on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia;
I dived with turtles, sharks and barracudas in Borneo (remember the War !? The game !?) in Malaysia;
I dived and visited Japanese wrecks more than 100 meters long from World War II in the Philippines;
I took a kite surfing course in Mui Ne, Vietnam;
I played football with the locals and even won an official team jersey in Hoi An, Vietnam;
I met and visited one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world, the Underground River, in Palawan, Philippines;
I met and visited another of the new 7 natural wonders of the world, Ha Long Bay, in Vietnam;
I did trekking and bike rides through a remote mountain village in Laos;
I took a federal porre in Tubing, in Vang Vieng, also in Laos, and found that my cell phone was waterproof (it was not - super dumb.);